Züchter: Marianne Lund, Norwegen

Tomkin bedeutet *Home of the Spirit*

 16.09.2003 - 10.01.2017

It seems to me it was yesterday, when we went to Norway to pick him up. Tomkim grows up into a great working dog and a very social member of our pack. As a young dog he made me crazy because he loved to speak and he wasnt quiet ! In the team, at the sled and training cart,  he was in wheel and  he gave 120% ! He leaves behind a big hole in our heart, team and pack.

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NUCH NORD V-98-02 NV-99-00-01-02 Qornoq's Arctic Look Who's Talking 

NUCH Heksegrytas Danser Med Ulver 

NUCH NV.93-94 Ask 

NUCH Nordik Wolf 

NUCH Bliss 

NUCH Kaos Av Wanvare 


NSUCH Hekla 

NUCH Qornoq's Arctic Kira Kiwaniq 

INT NORD UCH NORD V-87 Togo Av Angiaq 

NORD UCH NORD V-84 Fenris Av Qanaq 


INT NORD UCH Qornoq's Arctic Stormy Weather 

S N UCH Mikkel 

INT NORD UCH NORD V-86 Kingiuna Tessiotoqe 

Rovaleco's Graceful Gaia 

Rovaleco's Fire-flush 

Rovaleco's Dominant Dingo-dog 

Keraq Ii Av Tasermiut N13207/93 a

Rovaleco's Brown Baffin-bear S11885/94 a

Nuka Av Tasermiut 

Vegtam Iii Av Tasermiut N35178/91 a

Ausiaq Av Tasermiut 00728/95 d

SV-91 Rovaleco's Creamy In Colour 

Keraq Ii Av Tasermiut 

NUCH Tikungavoq Av Tasermiut N22136/85 a

Taineq Av Tasermiut N24015/91 a

INT NS UCH SV-85 Itok's Tikka 

Cirius S40402/85

Ningioks Mikkaluk S14193/87

Afroditte (upernavik) 


Gaio, Upernavik















Ekko, Upernavik















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